She is the sweetest smartest girl, loves the beach, car rides and long walks. She has a fetish for comfortable recliners and a stubborn streak that wore us down till we finally gave her the recliner! Two of her favorite pastimes involve snow and squirrels, not necessarily in that order! Jasmine has been retired after producing three beautiful litters.



A real lady, she is a larger sized ice white toy poodle charmer. A beauty  with wide expressive eyes that seem to reach into her soul. Her personality is very calm and dignified , she is truly an angel and the most amazing poodle mommy ever! 


Our love of poodles goes back to our childhood. My husband and I were both raised with poodles. As a matter of fact, when we met as teenagers, his family owned a wonderful silver mini (Frenchie) and we were the proud owners of my beautiful Robear, a black miniature poodle.


Poodles are often misunderstood. There is a misconception that they are showy dogs because of the fancy, beautiful haircuts many owners love on their dogs. This breed is the most versatile of all. Poodles are funny, friendly, happy, and loyal. They are also one of the smartest breeds available. They are great with children and a constant companion for the elderly. In addition, they are non- shedding and great for people who tend to have allergies. One of the greatest things about this breed is the variety of sizes available (toy, miniature and standard).

We hope you will enjoy your visit to Abba’s Poodles and we look forward to matching you and your family with your own poodle baby!


Our champion sired toy poodle lover boy! He is so sweet and loving to his people and his poodle girls! We should have called him Romeo or Georgie ( kiss the girls)! He is content to just be with his ladies, always cleaning their eyes and taking turns resting with each one. Don't tell the others but his favorite is Cassidy! He is our primary sire and has gone through all the required genetic health tests, please see results below!

Abba Family Poodles 

About Abba Family Poodles

 Sophia is so refined and delicate!  She moves about almost silently, as if walking on a cloud, yet her movements are merry, portraying  joyful  tiny dance steps.  Her lovely face is a compliment to her beautiful spirit. She is truly our champion of heart! 



Belle is Jasmine’s daughter, beautiful in and out, she adores all dogs all sizes and is so gentle with the little ones. She instinctively knows that a tiny dog is fragile and will tip toe around or get down and crawl so as not to hurt it. She also loves big dogs and will play for hours with them, regardless of temperament or sex. She is truly a kind and gentle spirit.

Ariel is everything a toy poodle should be and so much more. She is keen, strong,  pleasant, active, funny and engaged, a real delight to be around!  Her love of all our poodles really shines through. She is especially close to Belle and they play for hours on end. We are truly blessed to have her. She comes from a long line of Canadian and American Champions.

**Update: Ariel has won her AKC Championship effective Feb 2013 and is now Ch. Soignes Abba’s Fair Maiden by the Sea. She completed the required 15 points (including 3 majors) in just over 6 months of competitions.