"Just wanted to update you on Crosby and how he is doing....We just love him to pieces!! He has the sweetest, friendliest personality and he literally LOVES everyone he meets. He is growing more and more confident as time passes and much of his whining has improved quite a bit in the past week or so. Everyone he meets just immediately falls in love with him! I have a feeling you'll be getting some calls from people I know soon, as everyone keeps asking me where I got him. My daughter loves him so much! Thanks for all your help with matching us up with him!"

"We just want you to know that Ace changed our lives.  He is such a tremendous love.  He still comes to work with me all the time (he is the king of the office).  He is such a good-tempered dog.  He “protects” Danelle when I’m out at meetings all night and, so often, he’s the one sleeping on my side of the bed when I come up late. We just wanted you to know that he has a great home and that we’re eternally grateful that we found him (and you)!"

“Luna is doing wonderful. Everybody said she is so sweet, adorable and wonderful temperament. She is such a smart girl, she barks and goes by the door when she has to go potty. Even when she is in the crate, she would bark in the morning to inform us that she has to go out. At 9 1/2 weeks, she already knows her name, SIT and COME commands. She sits and wait by the bowl while I put her food out. She loves to play on the grass, run and hop around like a bunny. So cute! She is sleeping and eating well. She enjoys playing the frisbee and ball with the kids. She is adjusting beautifully. Thank you for loving her and raising her so well.”

"We got home and she never said a peep on the way . She only ate a little bit last night but had a big breakfast this morning with plenty of water . She had used the wee wee pads 3 times... Should I say, never not used them. She slept thru the night in her box next to me. She seems very happy.  I love her! !  She likes the hand feeding but goes to the bowl also. She is so unbelievable!!!  Could not ask for a better or sweeter dog and had quite a busy personality. We are in love!❤️"

Toy Poodle Testimonials

“We couldn’t be happier to have Charlie as part of our family. He is kind, obedient, and extremely smart. He is patient with our 5, 7, and 10 year old boys who love playing with him and smothering him with love. He has been the picture of health and almost everyone he meets comments on how handsome he is. Toni and Mark clearly love their dogs and do a wonderful job raising them.”

“Reina has such a calm and sweet temperament. She is so affectionate towards us – she loves to put her paws on our shoulders and nuzzle our necks like she’s hugging us! And even though she’s over 60 lbs., my son literally holds her in his lap and she just sits there loving it. Nothing bothers her, like right now it’s thundering and pouring rain and she is just staring out the window. She’s also a good hunter, she sniffs out the moles in our yard and tries to dig them up. She is so well behaved and was very easy to train. Health wise, the vet says that she is perfect! Jasmine and Kavon should be very proud of her!”

“I just wanted to give you and update on Newman. He weighed 14.1 pounds on Saturday!!! He is so smart he is fetching a tennis ball, goes up and down the steep stairs, and runs all over the backyard. He loves to play hide and seek. It is fun to watch him learn all the new smells and chase the bugs. I hope he likes Florida just as much. You did a wonderful job with him and made the transition so easy for us! “

“I really cannot express in words how happy we are. Lola is an absolute delight! She is so obviously bred from quality and love. She is absolutely the smartest poodle I’ve had the pleasure to own and that’s saying something! Lola is so affectionate with everyone she meets. To quote our Vet (who gave her high marks) … “You did good!” She is a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you!”

“I can't tell you how wonderful our first week with Benny has been. I was worried at first, him being  lonely without his litter mates, he whined for the first couple of days anytime you left his site, but now he is quite content being alone for periods of time. He came to me completely pee pad trained, and as long as we are vigilant, he doesn't have any accidents in the house. He has already become a regular at the soccer pitch and the baseball diamond, and he loves everyone, and everyone loves him.  Everyday he goes farther with me on the leash and in less than a week he has made it all the way around the block. I attribute his incredible behavior to the beautiful upbringing you provided him and his litter mates. Benny instantly became our new love, a new focus, a force that has brought our family together. In an age where teen-aged kids spend most of their time around technology, we now spend much of our time together around our beautiful new poodle puppy. He still has that spunky energy that made us love him at first sight, and he keeps us on our toes, but I can't tell you the amount of love and happiness he brings to our home. Thank you Toni, I hope you know what a wonderful happiness you have brought to our lives. ”

“She is just adorable and has become a treasured member of the family. She goes to everyone with sheer enthusiasm and loves to play, play, play. She’s also a favorite at our vet. Appointments for her vaccines take twice as long as each member of the staff wants some lovin’ time with her. Bailey loves to learn and can already sit, lay down, shake, and speak. When the weather is nice, we work on going for walks on a leash. She’s such a joy and we feel so very fortunate that we found her. Thank you for all of the time you spent with us; you were just terrific to work with”

Standard Poodle Testimonials

“We are in love with our baby Matisse. He is so wonderful; everyone loves him and he loves everybody! We took him to the vet right away and the vet was very impressed with him; he was very well mannered and behaved; and he is a healthy puppy (as you know). Thank you for raising a wonderful poodle for us to love!”

“Just wanted to thank you for such a great puppy!  Morgan is fitting in perfectly and loves our kids!  We love her to pieces :-)”

“I had a good feeling about Toni just speaking to her via email and I was not disappointed when I met her in person.  She seems like a very nice person, she was welcoming and I got the feeling that she cares, loves and takes great care of her pups. She reached out to me about 3 weeks ago that she had two males and a female available.  My husband and I went to meet the female and fell in love with her the minute she came up to us.  She reminded us so much of our baby girl that we unexpectedly lost that it was absolutely love at first sight.  We fell like we got a second chance and Abby was sent to us by her. Toni drove her to us yesterday and we are absolutely in love with her.  ”

“Little Pippin is an absolute delightful addition to our already existing 4-legged family. Not only is he beautiful & healthy but sweet as can be. I think the fact that he was nurtured in the loving family environment that Toni believes in has made him a very confident & happy little boy!”

“You cannot go wrong with Toni’s poodles she is a great breeder and pays great attention to details on raising pups to get them ready for their forever homes.  I am a breeder she has mentored  me for the past two years I can tell you the lady knows her poodles and will be helpful with any questions you might have after your purchase you will always be a part of her dog family.  We have one of her standard poodles and the early training she gives her pups are a bonus.  I know I sound like a used car sales man but I have great respect for this lady and the work she dose with her poodles you will not be disappointed and she stands behind her dogs and their health. ”

“Just checking in to let you know Hunter is doing great.  He has really adjusted so well especially these past 24 hours.  He is a total sweetheart and just loves being with us but he is also adjusting quiet nicely to his own little space we made for him in our laundry/ mud room...found smaller spaces better for him :) He has also been going outside yesterday and today...no accidents inside today :) ”

“Rosabella is very alert and easily retains new commands. The happy carefree personality she has brightens our day. She is our little goat, kicking and jumping through the grass, running as fast as she can. The time invested in the grooming process, combined with the positive foundation of love and training that Rosabella received with Toni and her family is reflected in Rosabella’s confident and loving personality. We feel blessed to have the opportunity to share our lives with this little puff of love.”

Abba Family Poodles 

“I can’t believe my Gracie . . . she is just the best dog I have not only owned but ever known! Everyone is astounded at her calm, mellow personality. She goes most everywhere with me and is meeting tons of people and she is just sweet and calm with them. She is also brilliant. I am the world’s worst dog trainer but she already knows ‘outside, go pee, in the house, sit, come, shake hands, give me the ball etc.’ I’m waiting for the shoe to drop! “

“Ricky is doing great here!  He has acclimated so well to his home!  We visited the vet today and she just fell in love with him too!  She commented on how well he had been taken care of and how well he had been socialized!  This is a testament to the care you gave him in your home and we are so grateful!  We are all really enjoying his playful and loving personality! Thank you for all that you did for Ricky.  I hope that when the time is right, we can visit you again to get him a sister!”

“Saw the vet – Chandler is 13+ lbs! Perfect poodle – he fell asleep while she was examining him! So cute and calm. He has us all hooked. He lives in the kitchen during the day which is good sized and where we all congregate. I’m following your advice and keeping him on the porch for now when he goes out. Soon we’ll let him start to explore the yard which is fenced in. He sleeps in a crate in our room – he settles in and goes right to sleep. We love him. Already can’t imagine life without him.Thanks for such a wonderful pup”

“Chutney is settling in beautifully!! As you can tell from this picture, he's already one of the family. We love him to pieces. He's such a good boy.

“We wanted to send you an update and picture of our baby, Tissy. He is the best! As you know, he is 1 year old and perfectly trained. He is very smart. He is healthy. And, he has the sweetest and most loving personality. He is a good eater and has good manners. He also is a tough little puppy. We have survived Superstorm Sandy and no heat or electricity. We have had snow, wind and rain and he is a tough little boy who always goes outside. Every day is the same for him with or without heat or electricity. He loved the holidays and loves people. He is the best! We love him dearly, and we thank you for this special little boy.”